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Pagan Books I've Read
(or still reading):

  1. Witches Unite! -- Magic and Witchcraft: Our Gift, Our Heritage, Our Power! -- by Isis Day
  2. A Witch Alone -- Thirteen Moons to Master Natural Magic -- by Marian Green
  3. Magic Is God; Blessed be! -- More Power to Witches, Wizards, Pagans and Witchcraft -- by Isis Day
  4. The Wiccan HandBook -- A Practical Guide to Creating Magic and Mystery -- by Susan Bowes
  5. Wicca for Everyday Living -- The Definitive Guide to Magic and The Craft -- by Anne-Marie Gallagher
  6. Practical Wicca The Easy Way -- Spells and Rituals to Heal and Harmonize Your Life -- by Christine Seville
  7. Old World WitchCraft -- Ancient Ways for Modern Days -- by Raven Grimassi
  8. Magick of Reiki -- Focused Energy for Healing, Ritual & Spiritual Development -- by Christopher Penczak
  9. To Ride A Silver Broomstick -- New Generation Witchcraft -- by Silver RavenWolf
  10. Wicca For Life -- The Way of The Craft -- From Birth to Summerland -- by Raymond Buckland
  11. The Everything Spells & Charms Book -- Cast Spells That Will Bring You Love, Success, Good Health, and More -- by Trish MacGregor
  12. The Book of Spells -- Positive Enchantments to Enhance Your Life -- by Michael Johnstone
  13. Reiki for Witches -- A Multi-Purpose Holistic Tool for Witches, Wizards, Pagans and New-Agers -- by Isis Day
  14. The Little Book of Money Spells -- by Sophia
  15. Joan Of Arc -- A Role Model for Witches, Wizards, Pagans and New-Agers -- by Isis Day

Pagan Books on my to-read list:

  1. The History of Magic -- Including a Clear and Precise Exposition of Its Procedure, Its Rites and Its Mysteries -- by Eliphas Levi
  2. Drawing Down the Moon -- Witches, Druids, Goddess-Worshippers and Other Pagans in America Today -- by Margot Adler
  3. The Ultimate Book of Shadows For The New Generation Solitary Witch -- by Michael Johnstone

Pagan Sites/Links I Visit:

Pagan Music I Listen to:

  • Full Moon -- audio CD album for Pagans, Witches, Wizards & New-agers; instrumental -- by Isis Day
  • All Is Well With Me -- audio CD single for New-Age meditation; one instrumental & one vocal -- by Juli Zen

Other Music I Listen to:

  • Johanka z Arku -- a Czech audio soundtrack from the musical dvd on Joan of Arc -- by Lucie Bila, Ondrey Soukup, Gabriela Osvaldova, et al.
  • Irish Favorites -- audio CD album; instrumental -- by James Last
  • Symphony #45, #92, #100, #101, and many others -- classical music -- by Joseph Haydn
  • Symphony #8 -- classical music -- by Antonin Dvorak
  • Symphony #7 -- classical music -- by Beethoven

Pagan Movies (& others) I Watch:
(listed in random order)

The Craft
Good Witch (spin off from The Good Witch)
The Worst Witch
Legend of The Seeker
Always A Witch (Siempre Bruja)
Once Upon A Time
Zeitgeist: The Movie
Witches of East End
Charmed + Charmed (2019)
Witches: A Century of Murder; (2015); Suzannah Lipscomb.
Practical Magic
The Secret Circle
Sabrina The Teenage Witch
The Messenger: The Story of Joan of Arc
Joan of Arc
The Passion of Joan of Arc
Johanka z Arku
Joan of Arcadia
The Witches of Eastwick
Mary and The Witch's Flower
Cinderella (featuring Whitney Houston & Brandy)
The Matrix
Xena: Warrior Princess
I Dream of Jeannie
Hansel & Gretel (not all the versions)
Harry Porter
DragonHeart: The Battle for HeartFire
Albion: The Enchanted Stallion
The Dark Tower - Idris Elba
Doctor Strange
Moonshadows -- Enya
Hocus Pocus
A Witches' Ball
The Crow
Beautiful Creatures
The Witch Files
All Hallow's Eve
Heal, by Kelly Noonan
The Healer
Luna Nera
The Seventh Son
The Princess and the Frog
The Burning Times
What The Bleep Do We Know?
The Secret
Monkey King + The New Legends of Monkey

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